Architects - Anubha Fatehpuria & Richa Bose architecture + interiors & energy-conscious architecture
The Architects
Anubha Fatehpuria
Anubha FatehpurisArchitect Anubha Fatehpuria, recipient of the Nagpur University Gold Medal (2001) and the Best College Student Award (2001-batch), for Bachelors in Architecture, graduated from LAD and SRP College for Women (Dept. of Architecture), Nagpur. Anubha was selected to intern under Ar. Balkrishna. V. Doshi and Ar. Yatin Pandya at the Vastushilpa Foundation, SANGATH – Ahmedabad. Her internship at Ar. B.V. Doshi’s, exposed her to the relationship/conflicts between built (public, semi-public, private) spaces and indigenous societal spaces – reinforcing her belief in the vernacular, which she has, since, gone on to explore in her work, with an effort to ‘design’ as ‘organic’ – a response to people and site, material and technology, engaging them together in a dialogue. Right after graduating, Ar. Anubha Fatehpuria worked at Dulal Mukherjee and Associates (Kolkata) for a brief period of time; practising independently thereafter. From 2003 to 2011, she has also been an in-house consultant architect with the Orbit Group, a real estate firm in Kolkata. Ar. Anubha Fatehpuria’s work – along with using appropriate and local building technologies - has also had a strong focus towards recycling of materials and architectural elements; for which she was featured on Tara Bangla’s television show on Cost Effective and Recycled Residential Interiors.
Richa Bose
Richa BoseArchitect Richa Bose (Angirish) studied architecture at the M.S. University, Baroda; during which she worked extensively in the earthquake affected Latur region of Maharashtra as a trainee with the Ahmedabad Study Action Group (with Ar. Rajendra and Rupal Desai). Soon after her graduation she worked with Development Altenatives (with Ar. Geeta Vaidyanathan), designing and constructing using appropriate and local technologies, where amongst other things she was actively involved in forming mason groups into Guilds, conducting trainings and workshops for skill up-gradation of masons and exposure to cyclone resistant design for Orissa. She has worked as an architect briefly at the Anangpur Building Centre, Faridabad with Mr. Anil Laul using Cube-on vertex structures, Geodesic domes etc. From 2000 to 2002, the Architects and organizations Ar. Richa Bose has worked with include – Sumit Ghosh and Associates (New Delhi), Prof. Ar. K.T. Ravindran (New Delhi) and Caltech India (Kolkata – with Mr. Biswadeep Sen). Richa, over the years, has also been associated with INTACH and BIOME, Kolkata (Environmental solution extension of Architect Chitra Vishwanath, Bangalore). Ar. Richa Bose is a visiting faculty at the Jadavpur University, Kolkata since 2011.
Article on Guilds published in 2003 issue of A+D magazine with Mr. Ashish Acharjee
‘Training and Education of Artisans in Bundelkhand Region’ – Paper published and presented in the Indian Building Congress ‘2000
Illustration contribution in the book – ‘Reversing the Downward Spiral’ – Authors – Geeta Vaidyanathan, Dr. Arun Kumar
‘Azadpura Rural Housing Program’ – co-authored with Geeta Vaidyanathan – Development Alternatives Newsletter - May’98 issue.
‘Working with the Artisans in Bundelkhand region’ – Development Alternatives  Newsletter – April’99 issue
Residential Interiors – featured in the fortnightly ‘Sananda’ – July 2003 issue
Residential Interiors – featured in a ‘Sananda’ - Special Issue 2005, a Ananda Bazaar Patrika Publication, Kolkata
International Exposure
Azadpura Rural Housing for the Sahariya tribals won the BSHF (Building Social Housing and Foundation, Londond) awards in the year 2000.
Participated in the 3rd World Water Forum at Kyoto, Japan in the year 2003 as a member of Center for Built Environment, Kolkata.
Extensive training under Serge Maini /Satprrem (Architect, Auroville) in Earth technologies (ADOBE, COB, CEB) and Construction of Arches, Domes, Vaults, Walls etc. using Mud Blocks.